The Green Elephant is the day care based in Australia. The purpose of the day care is to look after children. Children are very innocent creatures and very sensitive. Raising a child is not easy especially when it comes to teaching manners and etiquettes because children who are not given proper care and attention tend to become violent and outspoken, and then all the blame goes to the parents that they have not taught manners to their children. Hence, the child needs to be given proper care and attention so that they turn out to be well mannered. However, some parents are unable to provide their child with full attention and care because of other responsibilities at work which they are doing for their kid’s better future but the kid cannot be left alone with some maid because the maid is not responsible for your child’s behaviour. This is the reason, parents who cannot provide their child with proper care and attention should leave their child in day care where the proper attention and care is given to the children, and they learn many things there. But choosing the right day care is also the condition to make your child sharp and well mannered. If you are looking for the best day care in Australia then you have come to the right place. The Green Elephant is one of the best day cares where every child gets love, care and attention. Following are the reasons why you should choose us;

Children are very innocent and they are more likely to acquire the things quickly as they are taught, therefore, we are taking special care of what your child sees or hears when being at our childcare centre, we have experienced people who exactly know how to treat your child so that they can turn out to be good and ethical in the future. Visit for further information regarding day care centre in Randwick.

We also aim to provide you with the education and knowledge which now has become very important in this world. There is not the future of a person who does not have education and knowledge and education is the only thing which can lead your child towards success.

Children crave for love and attention, so we make sure that they are brought up with love and in a friendly environment because children adopt what they see and the environment plays a major role in their upbringing. So we make sure that the environment of our day care stays friendly.

Along with studies, we believe that the child needs other activities as well to broaden their mind and to relax them. We engage the kids with other curricular activities and we always keep an eye on them.

So get in touch with us and provide your child with the best day care in Australia.