The kinds of event management software cannot be clearly distinguished but they can be categorised on the basis of their unique and different features. Likewise, the majority of the features have been packaged independently. It have distinctive features that mark their uniqueness. You must know the different kinds to know how does the event management software work?  

 The end to end solutions are perfect for the event staff management software in Australia that covers all of the bases that puts up the event. The tools are provided by the solutions for streamlining or automating the field and back office processes. Features of event marketing are also included for assisting you in the promotion of tour projects as well as survey and analytics tools for giving the insights on essential metrics such as revenues, attendance, expenses and feedback to the people. Cvent and Eventbrite are ideal examples of it. 

As customization has been the need and preferences of many organizations and people so free and open source are ideal choice to entertain their demands. The majority of event management software are open source for letting the companies to have the addition of custom processes so that it may fit and meet their unique requirements. These event management software are completely free but they have the limitation to specific functionality such as schedulers and form builders. The free apps are available widely and readily for the users. They are designed to meet your needs too on your demands but for that you need to consider paid plans because of your needs getting more complex. 123Contactform is a good example to serve this kind. 

 The event scheduler are the applications with the features that entertain the real time availability as well as allow the customers for self booking. The platform can be used specially by them for rescheduling the dates, communicating instantly and paying online. The schedule conflicts can be eliminated when they are used as the event tools. It can free the staff from processing every bookings manually and further miscommunications can be avoided at the time of appointments.  Acuity Scheduling is perfect example of it.  

 Web conferencing are marked as a separate category or can also be a part in the suite of the event management tools. Web conferencing can be used as a tool specifically for the online events only specifically the webinars. It has the features that scale diversified events ranging from the smaller meetings to the larger conventions. Livestorm and Zoho meeting are its good examples. 

 Polling apps are the applications that are unique in the the  category yet consistent tools for the  majority of event organisers. It is used as a tool for the live polling that will engage the audience greatly irrespective of the fact that whether it is a crowd or smaller rooms for audience.the apps assist in the displaying of poll results by featuring live graphs which can be further integrated in the networks of social media so international audience can also be catered. VoxVote is an example of it. For more information, please log on to