Carpentry has a wide scope. It is not just limited to making the window    panes, tables, chairs and like items. It is a far more extensive field in the world of versatility and craftsmanship. There are number of subfields and sub categories of carpentry. Some popular sub fields related to carpentry are as   follows:

  • Framing and residential carpenters are the ones that have expertise in making the residential buildings. They know the secret of building all kinds of the residential structures. They do a great work in creating the high class walls both inside and outside of the homes. They are also hired to construct wooden structures like the stairs, window frames, and wooden roofs.  Some of these are also great at constructing, and repairing the wooden floorings. In some parts of the world they are also known with the name certificate 3 engineering mechanical trade.
  • Commercial carpenters exhibit their expertise in the buildings of the commercial nature. They can do great with the buildings like the schools, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels and restaurants etc. In some cases   they work with the steel and iron also. Some of these receive additional training to create the floorings and walls with the concrete too. Commercial buildings require an expert to work with the floors, walls and the roofs. This is   because of the extensive nature of their job and the area they cover. It is the commercial carpenters who can assist in getting closer to these requirements.
  • Industrial carpenters are the word that should not confuse. It has nothing to do with merely the factories or the industries. It is just because of the extensive nature of their job that they are known with this title. They are involved in large commercial projects to deal with the different kinds of industries. Their job is     vital for the power stations   too. They also serve in the mines, tunnels and in creating the bridges of all sizes and shapes. Hence, it won’t be       wrong that due to their industrious projects they have received this   name.
  •  Bench carpenters serve where the people or the institutions or the building need the assembling of the various wooden projects. They either create and assemble or just assemble and fix the wooden structures in the proper place. They usually perform their tasks   in the kitchen, laboratories etc.
  • Furniture makers are the carpenters that are skilled and proficient at making all kinds of furnishing.  They need to be highly innovative, creative and artistic. They can create anything with their skills and perfection. They can transform the simple chairs and tables into something extraordinary.

These are the basic classifications   related to the cpc40110 certificate iv in building and construction building. They make the wood a dream that can last for the years.