The teeth and oral health is a must thing for a healthy living.  Without ensuring a healthy oral cavity it is not possible to live impressively. Usually the problems related to the oral cavity are as follows:

  1. Tooth decay

The most common problem related to the teeth that often require the assistance of the dental Crown Burwood experts is that of the tooth decay. The real cause of the tooth decay is nothing else but the plaque that gradually develops along the teeth and causes cavities. This happens when dental cleaning is ignored or the teeth are neither brushed nor flossed regularly and properly. The leftover food particles and the sugary foods create a sticky substance on the teeth. This is not something easy to clean but regular cleaning can help get rid of it.  If it is not cleaned thoroughly it starts eating up the teeth and causes cavities. Some medicines can also cause cavities in the teeth. In case of stubborn plaque accumulation on the teeth it is better to see a dentist who would clean the teeth with special cleaning tools and chemicals.

  1. Bad breath

After the tooth decay the most quoted problem that often causes embarrassment in the social gatherings is the bad breath. In medical world it is called halitosis. It cannot be ignore for being just a problem of the bad oral odour. It actually signifies that there is something serious going on with the teeth too. Usually the bad breath problem owes to the oral cancer, dental decay, plaque, bacterial growth or the dry mouth. Visiting the trusted dentist is the best option while regular cleaning is another essential to avoid the problem. Mouthwash is a good choice to kill the bad breath at least for some time.

  1. Oral cancer

It might not happen very often but when it does it can be really painful. The reasons of developing oral cancer are many but the most quoted ones are those related to unhealthy habits like consuming alcohol, smoking, tobacco chewing etc.

  1. Periodontal disease

Just like the skin covering the exterior of the body the gums can develop infections too. If the problem gets really severe it can lead to problems as severe as the tooth loss, bleeding, sensitivity, bad breath and pain in gums. To prevent the gum related problems it is better to keep flossing whenever you are done with eating. Brushing the teeth after meals also keeps the gums healthy.

  1. Sensitivity

Sometimes the natural enamel of the teeth gets damaged. The job of this enamel is to guard the teeth properly. It works as the skin of the teeth that protects it against the extreme hot or extreme cold. In case the enamel gets damaged due to any reason the teeth become sensitive, making it hard for the person to eat or drink the favourite delights easily. It can happen both in case of the hot foods and the cold foods.