In today’s world time is everything and that is why people want things that last longer before they can replace it. For instance people are getting phones with larger batteries and faster charging so they can spend less time charging and more time using it. Time is equivalent to currency and there is even a proverb for it that time is money. So why waste your precious time on tending to your grass yard or field, when you can virtually erase the possibility of them getting damaged or withered by turf installation? 

Thanks to science advancing so much it is possible to do so many things that were not possible before. Thanks to its evolution science has made us able to craft so many things that last longer and are endurable. There are artificial fragrances in a bottle that last long and match the real scent of things. And now you have artificial grass which looks great and matches the finest details of grass while being more endurable and does not require frequent tending to it. Getting turf installation in your yard will result in a beautiful yard at one time cost and almost no maintenance. 

Here are 5 advantages of turf installation in Sydney in your yards, gardens and sports fields: 

Comparatively Cheaper: 

You can say turf installation is a one time expenditure after which its easy to maintain and take care of it. You will not need to hire a gardener or tend to it yourself unless it is a hobby of yours. After installing it you just need to sit back and enjoy its beauty. 

No Maintenance: 

After turf installation it requires almost no maintenance and can be tread on as much as you like. It does not require the care natural grass does, on natural grass you cannot stomp hard, run on it and walk on it frequently it will just flatten the grass. It also does not require mowing or cutting, just needs to be cleaned off with water if it gets too dusty. 


Unlike natural grass turf does not wither away or rot or dull in color, it maintains its color unless it has some chemical changes on it. Otherwise turf is resilient to damage and changes, it stays green even on the dryest of weathers. 

No Fear Of Pests: 

One of the most troublesome things about taking care of grass is the pests that burrow under the soil and damage it from underneath. The grass loses color, breaks down or dies off usually and even after spraying pesticide the grass can take damage from the chemicals in it. However; after turf installation forget about the pests and pesticide just enjoy the view of your lush green gardens. 

No Mud Or Patchy Grass: 

The most horrid view is when there are patches of soil visible in your garden where the grass seems to not be able to grow properly. It takes some for grass to grow and thicken, while turf just needs one time installation and there you have it. Also if it rains too much grass can get damaged and break off as the ground loosens up and becomes muddy. But that is not the case with turf installation. Need turf installation for your garden in Sydney? FieldTurf has your needs covered with their wide variety of waterless synthetic grass. They have experience in turf installation in sports fields and yards all the same. Go over to their site for your needs of artificial grass. turf-install