Label printing started in the 1700’s wit changing times, the label printing also took many leaps to be in the form as we can see today. Initially, these labels are printed on a piece of cloth and pasted to the required area. Then after some time wooden paper was used to print these labels, these labels are handmade and also crafted by hand. Then any message will be stamped on the label.

In the mid-1800s, these labels started printing on paper. These labels were get printed on the sticker printing in London and introduction of adhesive also done in this era. The adhesive revolutionizes these use of labels and labeling industries.

In the 1900s with the advancement of printing and paper technology. Label making and printing industry saw a boom and now have an estimate of more than 1 billion dollars. The new printing technology allows printing a label in a different color which initiates the categorization of labels as per colors. This categorization helps to define the specific use of distinctive color. For example, yellow can be used to write reminders, red can be sued for warnings, etc. But using different colors of labels means different font color will be sued on them, so the message can be seen easily.  Different industries also use different colors as per their business.

In 30 years, label printing becomes so handy that now people can print these labels at home. There are a variety of label printers having that can print these labels at fast speeds. Theses printers can print multi colors labels but the mechanism of feeding labels to the printer will be the same as of paper printers. Printer’s model varies as per their capacities, speed and size. The roll with unprinted labels is set into the printer, these also vary in size as per the number of labels on a roll. These printers have the same mechanism of printing labels in multicolor as printers for paper. The ink in printers get exhausted after several jobs and can be refilled. This reduces the cost of label printing drastically and makes it accessible to any size of business.

Labels are made of vinyl primarily which is also waterproof. So they can be used for items that are stored in cold temperatures and can sustain water splashes. The ink of these printers is also waterproof, so these labels can be used for a long time and can be adhered to any type of surface. Even temperature vibrations will not affect the quality of printing for a substantial period. The printer has limitation in case of label size and shape, as every printer cannot print all types of shapes and sizes. Son once selecting the printer, one should calculate the requirements for the present and near future to avoid update cost in the future. Even some printer also comes with labels kits which are replaceable and can be changed with as label size.