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Eye surgeons, doctors or professionals, whatever you may want to call them; there are three types of them which we are going to discuss here; 

Ophthalmology and Ophthalmologists 
Ophthalmology is that branch of medicine which focuses on functions, diseases and anatomy of the eye. A person who specializes in the said field is known as an ophthalmologist, who concentrates in the surgical and medical care pertaining to eyes and brings in solutions for prevention of eye care. These doctors are licensed by state regulatory boards for practicing surgery and medicine. These are professional eye care specialists who are trained to provide full diagnosis of eye care and also prescribe contact lenses, spectacles and delicate best laser eye surgery in Cheltenham as per the needs of the patient. Some of these specialists are also involved in the area of research related to eye diseases, cure, causes, vision and problems. 

Optometry and Optometrists 
Optometry is that branch of medicine related to eye and vision care which is related to visual system, eye health and structures. An Optometrists is a professional dealing with eye care who specializes in the disorders of eye, deals in eye disease management and detects eye diseases. They conduct eye examinations and prescribe corrective measures to be taken in accordance to the diagnosis and diseases found. These professionals are trained to examine visual defects in the eyes, prescribe corrective measures, diagnose impairments and provide various types of cure and treatments for eye related problems in their respective field. Some of the Ophthalmologists and Optometrists have additional specialization and credentials in the area of low vision testing, its diagnosis and subsequently its cure. They are also highly trained to conduct low vision eye examinations and prescribe devises for such.  

An orthoptist is a certified professional who works under the supervision of an ophthalmologist in order to evaluate and assess and treat problems of the eye visual care system with a details focus on binocular vision and eye movement issues. They most commonly can be seen working in pediatric ophthalmology settings. Talking about their educational background, an orthoptist has a bachelor’s degree in addition to a post graduate two year fellowship in a recognized program.  

Lastly, an optician is one that is very commonly seen to supply, prepare and sell optical appliances through interpretation of the prescriptions provided to the patients by the eye specialists. It is the job of the optician to ensure that the eyeglass lenses and frame fits and finishes as per the patients requirements. Not only an option has to focus on the eye glasses but also, dispense the artificial eyes, contact lenses and other low vision devices. An optician is not exactly a doctor but a health professional for such purposes.  eye-help-surgeon