Cool NETtersHealth, Dental & MedicalAbout Ankle Brachial Index Test
Cool NETtersHealth, Dental & MedicalAbout Ankle Brachial Index Test
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About Ankle Brachial Index Test

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Basically the ankle brachial index machine or the ABI Doppler or the machines and appliances being used for the test of over ankle disease named as peripheral artery disease which is specific for the limbs in the situation arises due to the improper functioning of the arteries which are specific for taking away the blood from the heart and taking it towards the limbs and over legs and in the case when these arteries get blocked and unable to proper functioning due to any reason then this disease can arise so for the purpose of diagnosis of this disease the doctors are using the technique of ankle brachial index machine in order to conduct this test so that this disease can be diagnosed timely and also this can be treated in the earlier stage otherwise when the disease get prolonged then this will be difficult for the person especially the doctors to treat it.

In the following we are going to mention about some symptoms that can alarm you to take this test so that you can know about the proper functioning of the arteries which are responsible for supplying the blood to the limbs and If there is any problem in that processing then you can treat it timely:

  • Sometimes we ignore and we think that this is the part of our life and we are getting weak due to our diet after any kind of disease and its proper treatment and we think their different kinds of problems in our body are normal like paining in the knees especially when we are climbing the stairs but this condition is not to ignore like this because this may can lead to some serious problems so whenever you feel pain in your knees then you must go for this test which can be conducted by ABI Doppler or the ankle brachial index machine so that you can minimize the it is called this dangerous disease in the future.
  • When you feel your legs so heavy and numb especially when you exert yourself then this thing is not normal you have to take some necessity precautions and also to take the appointment for your doctor to take this test because the treatment is not so simple but this can be leading to some serious problems in the future so you must be taking care of yourself and your body parts in the very early stages of the problem just like you use nebulisers or AFLURIA quad flu vaccine to avoid some serious problems.
  • Then you notice that now your legs don’t have that much amount of hair on it which was in the past then you must take notice of it and can go for this test as you can also buy AED Australia.
  • If your skin colour get pale or yellow then you can also ask your doctor to take this test as some precautions. For more information please contact:
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